I have the pleasure to announce the imminent release of my new disc, Reunion, recorded with my quartet (Maxime Hoarau, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Arnaud Biscay) last January at Studio Acousti, Paris. (Artistic advisor: Arthur Simo; Recording, mastering and mixing: Emmanuel Payet).

This record, exclusively composed by my originals, will be presented for the first times at l’Archiduc (Brussels, Frid. Sept. 18th) as well as at Bab-Ilo (Paris, Frid. Oct. 9th).

I’d like to warmly thank the fantastic musical team who recorded with me for their rare human and musical qualities, as well as Arthur Simonini and Emmanuel Payet for their wonderful artistic and technical advices.

The artwork of the disc has been done by the incredible Laurent Nyssen (The Pandies), himself who is taking care of the flyer of the tour I’ll be doing these coming weeks in Europe (see next post).

The teaser of the cd release concerts has been done by the excellent Nejm Halla (Mediartist) during a video shooting last week in New York.

Big thank you to Matthew Burke for the beautiful picture of the cd cover.

Special thank you to Johnny Eduardo Ramos Chalen and Marius Duboule for their precious help with all the informatics and technical matters.

It was a lot of superlative in this post! I’ll be more than happy to see you at one of these coming concerts to complete this great picture!

Thank you les amis et à bientôt,